Apple Flagship Qingdao

Apple Flagship Qingdao  

Apple Flagship Qingdao  

Spectacular multi-level branded environment showcasing distinctive interior glass bridges, glass staircase and integrated building systems. The entire interior is clad in a unique blend of flat and cast corner GFRC, special provisions for attachment of the glass stairs, hidden back of house doors and elevator lobbies. The exterior boasts gleaming polished GFRC rain screen cladding adjacent to the high-span window wall.



Cupertino, California 


Integrated Design Associates
Hong Kong

Foster + Partners
London, England

Project Location:

Qingdao, China

Scope of work:

Design, engineering, production of mockups and project encompassing 1200 square meters (13,500 square feet) of Tactile Polished GFRC, Tactile Large Clad Pivot Doors, Logo integration and unique conditions.


Tactile Polished GFRC™
Tactile Stainless Steel 


Tactile Polished GFRC Cladding™
Tactile Oversized Clad Doors 

Tactile Polished GFRC Exterior Cladding
Tactile Polished GFRC - Qingdao