Wellington Mews

Wellington Mews

Wellington Mews

Nestled in Colaba’s heart, South Mumbai, Wellington Mews stands as the pinnacle of luxury living in India. The building features curved architectural surfaces that act as sunshades and soften the urban context of the building. Within the contours of the building are terraces for outdoor living overlooking the Arabian Sea.

Given the architect’s design for cylindrical structures and sloped cladding to reduce the weight of the fly buttress features, we devised a method to form the 3 mm aluminum plate cladding to integrate open rainscreen joinery and comply with the intended design aesthetic. The 225,000 square feet of cladding envelop the flying buttress, entrance canopies, main body of the structure, roof screens and helipad.


John Portman & Associates
Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Taj Hotels & Resorts
Mumbai, India

Project Location:

Mumbai, India


Tactile Formed Aluminum™


Tactile Formed Aluminum Cladding™