LDS Temple Casper

LDS Temple Casper

LDS Temple Casper

The design-build firm created a modular approach for building the temple that reduces onsite construction time and cost while delivering a factory crafted building. The crown of the temple is a factory fabricated cupola, finial and spire that is designed in a manner that allows the entire assembly and finished surfaces to hoisted into place without exterior assembly. This mitigates the necessity for high work with can be very dangerous and costly.


Design, engineering, fabrication drawings, fabrication, welding, preassembly of all components, dry fit and final assembly. After dry fitting all components received a high performance coating. We cast the spire and finial utilizing high strength aluminum, finished the assembly and compression ring. 7000 mm (24 foot) assembly was lifted in one piece and removable lugs were removed from the inside to eliminate outside work.



Haskell Design Build


Casper, Wyoming


Tactile Cast Aluminum
Tactile Formed Aluminum


Tactile Aluminum Cladding
Tactile Cast Aluminum Bespoke Spire/Finial