Kate Spade Flagship

Kate Spade Flagship

Kate Spade Flagship

This unique facade evolved from a technology introduced to the design team during the formation of the store concepts. We developed a free span 4000 mm (12’0”) cast glass material 50 mm thick (2”) that integrated the brands predominant pattern in the transparent portion of the storefront will creating “clear window cowlings) with precision formed aluminum and heavy glass. The entrance is a matching architrave comprised of precision formed aluminum and heavy glass entrance doors. This unique material application and detailing of this complex facade sets the store apart from competing brands.


Design, engineer, fabricate, finish, assemble and Install-Assist all façade elements including high span Tactile Cast Glass, Tactile Formed Aluminum and heavy glass.


Barteluce Architects
New York, New York


Kate Spade
New York, New York


Las Vegas, Nevada


Tactile Cast Glass™
Tactile Formed Aluminum™