touch is thought to be the first sense that we develop





tactile perception evolves as we discover and experience our surroundings and interests





tactility is a principal element of great design

Organic Surfaces

We develop organic surfaces that reveal the true character of the underlying material. By allowing the material to be created by natural reactions to temperature, chemistry, light and composition we can capture the unique character. This material character creates a human connection and memory point.

Inspired Patterns

Exploring and creating patterns we find that the material takes on interesting visual impact either at a glance or a permanent impression. The inspired patterns are unlimited and during prototyping we discover even more options and ideas. We utilize cutting edge technology and advanced software to create highly articulated patterns that take the form of cladding and public furnishings.


Visual Texture | Tonality

We believe that tactility can be accomplished when the material has visual texture and tonality. Although the surface can be smooth the depth and visual movement can be very apparent and appealing. When exposed to either natural or imposed light the tonality comes alive and changes depending on location of the light source and reflections from the environment.


The ability for humans to touch a surface regardless of the temperature is comfortable and memorable. Our team has developed sensory coatings and adaptive technologies that dramatically mitigate temperature extremes on contact surfaces. This is particularly desirable for our public furnishings and entrances.