Tactile Porcelain Enamel Metal™

Tactile Porcelain Enamel Metal™

Porcelain offers a high performance, hyper durable material that is extremely durable in mild to extreme environments. Resistant to degradation and colorfast, porcelain will perform over time.

Tactile Porcelain™ can be produced in a wide array of colors from muted earth tones to wild super-vivid. We also offer metallic and iridescent finishes which change character depending on sun exposure. Our Digital Ceramic Technology allows architects and designers to present high-definition imagery that will endure the test of time.

Porcelain can be formed into curvilinear shapes, simple curves, perforations and embossed surfaces. Perforations are an ideal way to mitigate sound in public spaces. The material perforation accommodates insulation and isolators to absorb significant sound in applications such as subways, bridges, airports and sports venues. Back-lit elements add depth to an environment with light sources penetrating our perforations in either a defined pattern or a more random and artful placement. Panels can be accessed to allow for lighting maintenance.

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