Scott Street

Scott Street

Scott Street

A beautiful and thoughtful remodel of a private home perched above San Diego Bay with view across the bay and the city skyline. Thematically the home was redesigned to make it a contemporary retreat that replaced an island vibe. We worked with the design team to help create elements including bronze fireplace features, a cantilevered steel staircase with Tactile Bronze Melded Metal with bronze panels, suspended bronze rods and staircase trim. On the exterior we worked with the design team to create a fully integrated portal featuring a 1500 lb. Tactile Platen Cast Bronze gate, stainless steel framed and clad architrave with electric system for locking and communication. The portal is framed on each side with our Tactile FRP with a cast in Melded Metal (Bronze) Scooped pattern.


Material applications, design, engineering, casting, production, assembly and finishing of all components. Scope included Install-Assist.


HGW Architects
San Diego, California




San Diego, California


Tactile Formed Bronze Cladding™
Tactile Patina/Clear Coat
Melded Metal (Bronze)
Tactile Smooth Platten Cast Bronze


Tactile Formed Bronze Cladding™
Tactile Melded Metal™ (Bronze)
Tactile Patina and Clear Coat applied to bronze rods
Tactile Smooth Platen Cast Oversized Pivot Doors
Tactile FRP™ with Melded Metal Bronze